Our History

Scientists of Kenya Association [SCOKA] is a non-profitable organization that was formed on 24th April 2022 by the founder Everlyn Kimanthi. This was after her tough search for an internship and an employnment opportunity with no results. "even after sending more than 700 application request and reaching out to people for an opportunity, it was still tough for me to get an opportunity"

Everlyn realized there was a gap in science graduates and proffessionals when she realized majority of the people on Linkedin who were also reaching out and asking for opportunities were science based proffessionals. She called upon all scientists on Linkedin and beyond and she created a whatsapp group with the help of her Vice Chairperson, John Jeff Ohoya. The group became more of a forum where job adverts were shared at large upto date until the group grew to a maximum capacity and led to the birth of a Telegram group which still exists.

The team grew by each day and the team realized it can be more of a whasapp group and they eventually initiated the process of registering it as an Association. Currently we are running as a growing association. Science graduates are increasing every year as university release graduates each year with nowhere to go. We realized we are losing these scientists in depression, suicidal cases, early marriages, drugs and substance abuse because of unemploynment, Going through school for four years moreso in science courses and eventually graduating with a Diploma or a Degree is not easy only to sit home with your qualification.

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Therefore, the Association was born to help scientists navigate and penetrate into the job market as well as grow their careers. We also help in networking among the proffessionals, this is because the young and upcoming scientists would require mentorship from senior and more experienced scientists who has been in the market for the longest time. Networking also encourages good positioning of opportunities.

Management Team

Meet this team of technical experts in various scientific domains.

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Evelyn Kimanthi

Director & Chairperson Email:director@scoka.co.ke Phone: +254711846349

"Science is just magic that works and the science of today is the Technology of Tommorrow."

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Jeff Ohoya

Vice Chairperson Email:Johnjefg@gmail.com Phone: +254705084221

"We unleash and exhaust our potentials in a field that has always revolutionized the world as it is."

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Irene Njeri

Program Coordinator Email:irene.n.kamau1

Phone: +254707 508956

"If you want to change the world, start with your microflora."

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Felix Mbolu

Secretary General Email:mboluf@gmail.com Phone: +254702909363

"Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge and sustainability"

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