Major Causes

Principal reasons for our existence in science Space


The need to have a platform for Professional and Career networking.


The need for space for coordinating the internships and job opportunities as well as mentorship and training programs.


The need to organize scientific research collaboration for experience and skills development.

Our Progress









Why Us?

✓ We help scientists network productively by holding seminars, Workshops, webinars and conferences to equip members with additional. Skills and get an opportunity to interact with senior scientists and other scientists from their field of study.

✓ Our platform coordinates the Internships programs and job opportunities from Organizations we have collaborated with and other organizations too.

✓ SCOKA has incorporated and collaborated with both corporate companies and the government for creation of internships and Employment opportunities.

✓ We act as a Link between Research centres, Testing & Calibration Laboraties, Manufacturing industries and Various Scientific organizations in both Kenya & Beyond.

✓ The Association shall be a non-political and non-profit making organization.

Our Objectives

  • 1. To promote and support the growth of scientifically oriented programs on a global scale.
  • 2. Mediate between the government and the scientists.
  • 3. To create a network between different professionals in science-related fields.
  • 4. To serve as a beacon of optimism for each and every scientific expert in the industry.
  • 5. To become an advertising platform for corporate members on the services they offer as well as job vacancies.
  • 6. Increasing quality scientific journal and blogs publications
  • 7. Providing requisite platform for exchange of thoughts and ideas between professionals and enthusiasts.
  • 8. Evolving strong symbiotic relationship with different institutions and organisations for an ambient and ambitious growth in scientific research field .
  • Our Mission

    To advocate for Kenyan Scientists and provide them with comprehensive support.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading scientific association in Kenya and beyond by providing a wide range of innovative scientific solutions.

    Core Values

    • ✓ Innovation
    • ✓ Integrity
    • ✓ Teamwork
    • ✓ Collaboration
    • ✓ Creativity

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